gitároktatás kezdőknek, középhaladóknak,
és haladó gitárosoknak,
minden zenei stílusban.


My labor of love is the education of kids.
I truly believe that every child should learn music at least in the primary school. If everyone learned music, the world would be much better. I’m pretty sure about it!

The guitar has physical barriers for example compared to the piano. Everyone can play immediately easy chords or melodies on piano but the guitar is a little bit different.

At the beginning it is harder because the strings are on the fretboard and sometimes children can not play the correct sound of the chords. The pressure of the fingers is not enough. They have to hold their hand properly but sometimes they mute other strings as well. If they don’t have success they can easily lose their enthusiasm.
Most of the time the ¾ or the half size guitar can be a good solution. The way I teach kids is absolutely different from the way I teach adults. I have my special method for them. First we learn how the things are on the guitar and slowly we start to learn and play. Many times in a funny, playful way so they have fun during the lessons.
In my opinion the perfect age to start playing the guitar is 6-7 years old. If the parents discover that
their child is interested in music but the kid is under this age I would recommend taking piano lessons.

My name is David Reschofsky. I’m a composer, musician, and guitar teacher in Budapest.